Look into kibana inside by using IDE and debugger, dev envrionment setup

How to setup an IDE environment and run kibana from IDE, so I explore the internals of kibana. I am currently using intelliJ IDEA.

How do the kibana contributors set up their develop environment?

One of the goal is to understand the inside of kibana and elastic search, so when something not working as expected, I could invetigate myself. For example, when I click on kibana Timelion, I got a completely blank page. I am now trying both kibana and elastic search 5.4 of container version.

Just a folow up, I was able to run kibana from Intellij IDEA, but any recommendations are still welcome in terms of setting up the dev environment.

We have instructions for setting up a development environment in https://github.com/elastic/kibana/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#setting-up-your-development-environment

I have read the development env setup.

I am trying to debug the kibana front end code, using chrome dev tool.

I used the chrome and when I click on the source tab in chrome inspector, I only see a few js files, not the one I want to put break points in.

I only saw something like commons.bundle.js, timelion.bundle.js etc
for example, if I want to set a breakpoint in ./kibana/src/ui/public/agg_types/param_types/field.js, I would like to set break point for the line that throw error "parameter is now invalid. Please select a new field.

I do not know how to do that, any help is appreciated

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