How to debug kibana front end

14:53] Hi, I have some questions related to debugging in front end browser running kibana
[14:54] I used the chrome
[14:54] and when I click on the source tab in chrome inspector
[14:54] I only see a few js files, not the one I want to put break points in
[14:56] I only saw something like commons.bundle.js, timelion.bundle.js etc
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[14:58] for example, if I want to set a breakpoint in ./kibana/src/ui/public/agg_types/param_types/field.js, I would like to set break point for the line that throw error "parameter is now invalid. Please select a new field"
[14:59] I do not know how to do that
[14:59] any help is appreciated

you should use development version of kibana to see real source code instead of just webpack bundles. .... check the it should contain all the info you need.

You are right, thank you!
It works for me now!

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