Kibana (8.4.2) visualization does not show metadata fields

Hello friends.

We updated our ELK from 7.* to 8.4.2, and we used from our backups to restoring visualization, dashboards, data views (index pattern) and ...

We had problems that were fixed, except for the following :
I have a document in Elasticsearch that has all metadata fields (_index, _id, _score, _source) but I can't use _id in my visualizations (But I could before)

These are some screen snip of my problem description:

How can I fix this problem ?


@Badger can you help us ?

This has been a breaking change in 8.0:

Previously, it was possible to aggregate and sort on the built-in _id field by loading an expensive data structure called fielddata. This was deprecated in 7.6 and is now disallowed by default in 8.0.

Aggregating and sorting on _id should be avoided. As an alternative, the _id field’s contents can be duplicated into another field with docvalues enabled (note that this does not apply to auto-generated IDs).

Can you clarify what you are trying to achieve? Which kind of information do you want to get out of the _id?

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