New field not available in previously created Visualizations

Hi All,

I have an index 'ABCD'. It already have some data and visualizations.

Now I uploaded some more data( using Excelastic for excel files) that has one new field ( "App Name"). It is a string.

Now when I create a new visualization. Upon selecting Terms as aggregation, the field is available as expected.
Also, "App Name" field is available available in many recent created documents in Discover tab.

But when I try to do the same for pre existing visualization the same field is not available.

Note:- The field is available in Index page as App Name.keyword with String datatype.
I tried to refresh the index from Management > Index Name> Refresh Button but no effect.
The field name is also marked(tick) under aggregatable there.

Why can't I see it in Pre existing visualization dropdown?
What can i do to fix that as I need this field in one of the sub- Buckets.

ELK stack - 6.2.4


You could try recreating the index pattern that the old visualizations use and then recreating it with the same unique ID (so that the visualizations don't get broken). This should force the refresh in the fields.

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