Kibana alert result link seems to be broken

Kibana version: 8.7.1
Elasticsearch version: 8.7.1

Issue: We were previously using Elastic 8.6.2. The Alert result link (obtained from action variable :{{}}) for Elasticsearch query types used to be shortened URLs. [Reference link: Elasticsearch query | Kibana Guide [8.7] | Elastic ]

We use: Elastic Query type alert rule -> KQL / Lucene



Once upgraded to Elastic 8.7.1, the alert result link in the alert message seems to be broken and too long. There is no hyperlink present as before. From my observation, if we use the filter functionality, the link is broken. If we filter using KQL/Lucene format, the link has hyperlink to the results in Kibana discover but they are too long.

We are reporting alert messages to slack channels etc., and it looks messy due to the broken links.

Is this the expected behavior? If so, how can we make the URL shortened? Otherwise, please help in fixing this issue.