Kibana Alerts - Alert Details URL

Hello folks,

I have an alert rule configured with a ServiceNow ITOM Connector where I am setting the following content to the description field:



CRITERIA: {{rule.params.criteria}}
FILTERS: {{rule.params.filterQueryText}}
THRESHOLD: {{context.threshold.condition0}}
VALUE: {{context.value.condition0}}
ALERT URL: {{context.alertDetailsUrl}}


The rule works very well but this variable "{{context.alertDetailsUrl}}" generates a broken link, returning 404 code when trying to access it.

Broken link

Is anyone else facing the same problem?

ElasticStack 8.8.1


Hello folks,

I've tested it again after an upgrade to 8.10.2 and now it is working as expected.

ps: I was not been able to find anything related on Kibanas issues at GitHub but I am closing this topic since it is now solved.

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