Kibana : Alerts and Actions. How to insert alerts via API?

Reading through the document, it is not clear how to PUT/POST an alert action to Kibana.

Will tihs be an API of its own or just a new of data into .kibana index? As per the <type>


(Required, string) Valid options include  
- `visualization` , 
- `dashboard` ,  
- `search` ,  
- `index-pattern` ,  
- `config` , and  
- `timelion-sheet` .

which type does the "Alerting" fall into?

Hi @kelk

There plan to have an API for alerting it is just not available yet, and unfortunately we do not publish release features in advance.


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thanks for the update.
Will wait for it before we migrate the items from "Watcher"

where can I put the feature request for such "Alerting" ? hope the alerting & actions should have its own API endpoint and not get pushed into .kibana index


You can always add feature request for Alerting you would add it to the Kibana Repo here:

It looks like this feature is well on its way, if you poke around master you can already see the initial README / docs under construction.

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