Kibana setting Alerts/Anomalies to email

Hi, I'm taking the Kibana training courses and have a quick question. Is it possible to set an email alert on Kibana? If it's doable, how can I set up?
(There are training sessions on Machine learning in Elastic Stack and Anomaly Explorer but I don't see any email alert function.)
For example, while the transaction amount exceed 1k, then it will send a notification/alert to my email.


Yes, its possible to set up alerts in Kibana. Alerting allows you to define rules to detect complex conditions within different Kibana apps and trigger actions when those conditions are met. Kibana provides two types of alerts:

  • Stack alerts, which are built into Kibana
  • Domain-specific alerts, which are registered by Kibana apps.

Here, you can follow this link for more detailed explanation: Alerting | Kibana Guide [7.x] | Elastic
please let us know how we can help further.


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