Kibana Alerts: is this feature stable?


Just want to know if the Kibana Alerts feature is stable enough to use it in a production. Is there a chance it will be removed?
I saw couple alerting view with technical preview label in 8.2.2 and I do not know whether it's related to views only or to the Alerts feature overall.


Kibana Alerts have been GA since v7.11.

It is that particular view that is technical preview

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Hey @oandreiev

As @richcollier notes, the alerting rules framework (the component that runs rules and triggers actions) is already GA. I think you are referring to the Alerts tab, which sits in the Observability app, which is in tech preview. We are continuing to invest in this Alerts feature, we are on the path to GA, and we have multiple customers that are using it in production clusters already.

Whilst it is in technical preview, please be aware that there is a risk that the underlying alert schema and its APIs may change so any custom integrations with the backend may need updating once the feature is GA.


Thanks guys!

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