New to Kibana: How to Remove Lingering Active Alerts? (Rules Deleted)

Hi everyone,
I'm relatively new to Kibana and I'm encountering some persistent active alerts that I'd like to remove. I've already deleted the rules associated with these alerts, but they're still showing up under "Active" in the Observability section.

Here's some additional context:

  • I'm using Kibana version 8.8.1.
  • The alerts I want to remove are related to Monitor uptime of the services and error thresolds of services.
    I've tried:
  • Deleting the associated rules (as mentioned).

Despite these efforts, the alerts remain active. I'm wondering what the best approach is to permanently remove them from my view. Any advice or insights from the community would be greatly appreciated!

Additional Information:

  • I've attached a screenshot of the alerts I'm referring to
  • I'm comfortable using some technical solutions but would prefer an easy-to-follow method if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Funny, I came here to ask the same question, only during alert creation the "Alert me if a group stops reporting data" was checked accidentally. Our VMs are dynamic and terminated after use, therefore unable to "clear" that alert.

I have 45k alerts in this state and no way to remove them from the UI it seems. (8.12.0)

Any help appreciated.