Kibana and Chrome login problem


I've just installed Kibana 6.2.2 on Ubuntu, along with the XPack plugin to secure my install.

I'm experiencing a weird problem where if I log in as "User A", I show as being the "kibana" user along with that user's security privileges. This occurs even if I clear out my cookies and browser local storage.

If I open an incognito window, it works fine. I show as User A. No problems with Safari or Firefox either.

(Marius Dragomir) #2

Do you still have the Kibana user logged in another window or tab in Chrome?


Nope, I just tried it again. I shutdown Chrome, went to my kibana site, cleared cookies/local storage, logged in with my personal account, and it still show the kibana user.

(kulkarni) #4

Can you try in an incognito browser and check it there ?


Yes, I tried that already. It works fine in incognito.

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