Kibana and IPv6

There doesn't seem to be any way to consistently configure kibana to listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of a dual-stack server.
There are similar open issues which discuss the fact that kibana is parsing the parameter as a hostname and thus doesn't accept IPv6 hex addresses, but there are other problems:

  1. You can't specify multiple addresses
  2. Using doesn't make kibana listen on IPv6
  3. The parameter is actually used for the redirect uri when using openid connect, so this would redirect the browser to which is just insane

So there should really be a seperate setting for listen_address and service_name

  1. That is true and intended.
  2. Wouldn't the equivalent for ipv6 be ::/0 ?

You can open an enhancement request for the others here:

So you need two kibana instances to listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 ?

Indeed. Or you can listen to localhost and do port forwarding and IPv4/ipv6 translation from the router.

This is quite a limitation, IMHO

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