Kibana - API to get status of report generation?

How do I get the status of a report generation job after I've issued the POST request to generate said report? I have the job ID, but there doesn't seem to be any API that allows me to query for my job and check its status

Hi @peteryann ,

You can read about automated reporting in official documentation.

Specifically in your case:

To automatically generate reports from a script, you’ll make a request to the POST URL. The response from this request will be JSON, and will contain a path property with a URL to use to download the generated report. Use the GET method in the HTTP request to download the report.

I think you can use ES query to get pending ones:

GET /.reporting*/_search
    "query": {
        "bool": {
            "must_not": {
                "exists": {
                    "field": "completed_at"

_search is available in API clients

Regards, Dima

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