Kibana Authentication Accounts

How can I create accounts on Kibana for other people to access it? Currently, it goes straight into the dashboard when browsing to the URL. It is the Basic version so no AD integration possible.

Also, if adding this authentication, does this then mean I need to change configuration files for Elastic, Logstash, Beats when sending data through?

Hello Craig,

Elastic supports two ways of user storage when not connected to an ActiveDirectory or any other service: File Based and Native. I would choose the native storage because it is very easy to maintain the users in Kibana.

Yes, if you want to use authentication this is enabled for any access. This means you have to update ElasticSearch to enable authentication and updating Kibana, LogStash, Beats for accessing the secured cluster.

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Sweet got that working... Kibana authentication setup, and logstash also setup with authentication to Elastic
Beats points to Logstash directly and not Elastic, does that man Beats doesnt need to add in any username or password for logstash output?
Or, would it need authentication to be added under Kibana.endpoint section?

Hello Craig,

LogStash does not support user/password authentication(unfortunately). So Beats does not need to provide credentials to LogStash. If you would want to authenticate Beats too you would have to implement client certificates in Beats.

The Kibana endpoint section is used for loading dashboards, visualizations and others into Kibana. It is not used to import data at runtime.

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Yeah found that out thanks!

I have been asked now to make the Kibana logins more secure via TLS rather than plain text. I found this URL to do this:
Setting up TLS on a cluster | Elasticsearch Reference [7.9] | Elastic

Would it be as simple as doing steps 1 through 5?

Yes, this should be it.

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