Disable Kibana login for user elastic

Hi Team,

Could you please let me know if there are any tweaks that can be done is elasticsearch or kibana to only disable kibana UI login for user elastic. Currently we are using user elastic in beats to send the logs to elasticsearch. We have 1000+ servers, hence changing user or password in beats is a hell lot of work.

Kindly suggest an option to disable kibana UI login for user elastic without affecting the beats log ingest


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That is not possible.
The elastic user is the superuser, like root on a Unix machine, or an Administrator on windows.
By design you cannot stop it from doing things.

You are really going to need to change your Beats configs to not use the elastic user because you are running each of them with a superuser than has full control over your cluster.

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Thank you Tim.

Can you please help me what will be the required permission for a custom user to be created for beats.

we are using , auditbeat, winlogbeat , & filebeat

Also can you please point me to the right article for key based authentication

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