Disabling Elastic User access in Kibana Dashboard

HI Elastic Team,

I am trying to setup Elastic search log management...I have enabled Xpack for kibana Dashboard authentication and created some users with superuser access.. Now I would like to disable elastic user login access in kibana Dashboard..

So elastic user access will work only beat's & logstatsh configurations.

How can i disable elastic user kibana Dashboard access ?

Could you please help someone to solve this issue ?


Would this help you?

Hi dadoonet,

I don't get clear idea about anonymous access..

I would like to disable elastic user access in Kibana Dashboard only..means no one login kibana(through browser) with ealstic user..Because we have created separate user logins with super access.


Superusers have access to everything, so if you want a role to be more limited you need to assign the correct set of privileges. As far as I know you can not give users superuser access and then revoke selected privileges from that.

Hi Christain,

I have created super users for our team members..I would like to disable elastic user login access in Kibana panel...So we can login kibana using newly created users..

My main goal is no one login kibana panel with elastic user access from browser.


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