Kibana auto-refresh for custome changes

(anuroop) #1

how to configure Kibana to do Auto refresh and also show only message and time stamp in GUI . We are doing through kibana GUI but if other user and opening they are not greeting my updated custome change , is there any way to configure in config file

(Spencer Alger) #2

I assume you mean refreshing the dashboard/visualization they are using, not the data.

Kibana doesn't check if other people have updated an open document, though it sounds like an interesting feature. Perhaps you could write a plugin that does something like this.

For most use cases it would be incredibly disruptive to refresh whenever there is a change, but if your users are only viewing "static" dashboards and won't lose any of their changes when the page refreshes I imagine it would be nice to automatically refresh them when changes are available

(anuroop) #3

how we will set auto refresh when there is any changes happen in kibana and changes in elastic search index

(Spencer Alger) #4

You would need to write a plugin that kept track of which objects were in use, then polled elasticsearch somehow to know when they are changed. On change you could trigger a refresh.

(Ofer Rahat) #5

sounds like an interesting suggestion. How would I trigger the refresh?

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