Kibana average showing it in percentage

Is there any way to show the average metric in percentage in Kibana?

if you see the numbers are 0.078 I would like them to be like 7.8% for example.

Thank you all


You can use field formatters to do this:


Thank you I will take a look to that now. Thanks

Hello, I was reading about the field formatting and it looks like it applies to the index, so you can take a field in the index and format the field.
But the graph is not showing a field, it is making an aggregation Average from a field that is numeric and once the aggregation is done it shows 0.078 instead of 7.8%.

so the field formatting doesn't work for this scenario.

the value i was using was 1 or 0 what i did is i have multiplied the value * 100 and it works now. Thank you.

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