Kibana.bat shows nothing on Windows 10

I am running on windows 10.

I have downloaded and unzipped both OSS versions of Elasticsearch 6.5.4 and Kibana 6.5.4.

Elasticsearch has started up as expected and can be accessed in my browser at localhost:9200.

Now, when I run KIBANA_HOME\bin\kibana.bat it hangs but shows nothing. No errors, no warnings, nothing.

I have tried the suggestions in this thread: Kibana.bat errors on Windows 10 but have not had any different results.

I have tried restarting my box and also no results what so ever.

After reading this article here: I am wondering if this has something to do with X-Pack (or the lack-thereof)

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This sounds like a bug to me. I would suggest opening a Github issue in the Kibana repo:

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