Kibana behind nginx, upstream timeout, sometimes

When I have Kibana behind a nginx reverse proxy I'm noticing that some paths are taking way too long to respond, but only sometimes.

Most notable are

  • /bundles/4be5b8808b5216ee6b6a1a4a29493e32.svg
  • /ui/fonts/open_sans/open_sans_v13_latin_300.woff2
  • /bundles/

The svg file is responding within a few ms most of the time, but sometimes nginx does not get a connection to kibana so it waits for the timeout to end and tries again and gets the file within a few ms. This is apparent when viewing the kibana log in debug mode, connection is made through the proxy, nothing in the kibana log, after time timeout a GET request is logged in Kibana with the response time of a few ms.

When calling the file directly to the kibana webserver it is always fast, so there are two possible location of this issue I can see.

  1. Nginx just refuses to do the actual connection to the Kibana server
  2. Kibana is for some reason blocking the first request

Fiddling with nginx reverse proxy settings has not changed anything so far regarding this issue.

Rubber duck development :duck:

Pointing to localhost is obviously shaky
proxy_pass http://localhost:5601/;

Changing it to the loopback address solved all of my problems

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