Kibana blocks when executing slow Timelion queries



We use Grafana for visualization with a plugin to access Timelion in our Kibana setup. The problem we ran into is that whenever we run a bigger query (e.g request a whole month of data and group by some field) our whole Kibana instance freezes.

If I understand it correctly, Kibana is running on a single thread and when Timelion has to process the data it receives from ES it blocks this single thread.

Is there any solution to handle multiple Timelion queries at the same time other than running multiple Kibana instances?

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What time interval are you using for the timelion request? Maybe a larger interval will help so there is less data to process on the server?

This does sound like a performance bug with the way timelion is structured. Can you open a bug report at and please provide examples of the expression that is causing performance problems.


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