Kibana cache the results of geo_shape filter

I have created a Kibana Dashboard with elastic maps showing thousands of geo_shape (multi-polygons).
It takes too long to query the Dashboard when applying filters.
I wonder if there is a way to cache the geo_shape filter in Kibana, so if I apply filter using the same shapes repeatedly, the results can be cached.

Elasticsearch automatically caches frequently used queries. This is discussed in "All About Caching" in the Definitive Guide.

Are you getting errors when running your filters? Which version of Kibana are you running? Can you share examples of the filters that you are applying? How large (# of vertices) are each of your multi-polygons? Answers to these questions can also help us understand the issue.

This also might be a good opportunity to tune your index for better performance. The "Designing for Scale" chapter in the Definitive Guide may offer a few tips for fine tuning performance.

Note that there is also some fine-tuning you can do on how filters are applied.

If those polygons do not need to be filtered based on searches or time-changes (e.g. because they are for context rather than actual filtering), you can also turn of the "apply global filter"-flag


It really depends on the use-case of course. But as @nickpeihl suggested, any information you can share about that would be really helpful.

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