Kibana dashboards - global filter vs individual filters performance

Right now I have three objects on a dashboard (one saved search, two data table lens) that are using the logs-system* namespace. Each LENs is using this filter:


Is there any performance increase if I were to apply this to the global filter for the dashboard instead of on each object? I have tried testing this and can't tell a difference but I think that is because Elastic is caching it when it is first queried. So technically it is hard for me to test this theory. I know it makes more sense in this case to apply it globally but I was just curious if it would make any difference.

On a side note:
If the first object is a saved search and then other two are aggregations of the same data in the saved search, can Kibana/Elastic not use the data it queries from the saved search to build the data instead of querying the indices all over again?

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@devon.thomson / @Hannah_Mudge any inputs please?


There should be no performance difference at all between one global filter, and having each chart individually filtered.

Currently, Kibana sends bulk requests for all charts on a dashboard. Elasticsearch has its own caching mechanisms that make this pretty efficient. That said, there is always room for improvement, and a caching layer like that has been discussed in the past.

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