Kibana: Can it automatically adjust the dashboard time window to fit real-time data so I don't have to?

Hi all,

I am using the Elastic Stack to visualize data in real time for video games. In my experience, Kibana works great for visualizing real time data, however, I have come across a strange use-case where I am having some trouble.

The game-data I am analyzing is timestamped in the past, and we have to keep it this way since users can speed up or slow down the game (if we timestamp data as it comes in, speeding up the game results in fake spikes in metrics).

So as of right now, when we want to see this data in real time, we literally have to set the time period to say 1 year ago, then use the curser to incrementally zoom in on the date that the game is occurring. Even still, when the data surpasses the right most timestamp on the chart, we have to repeat the process.

So my question is, is there a way for Kibana to auto adjust the dashboard time window to fit the data within the visuals as it comes in real time?


Hi @GPartenza

Can you help me understand this: "speeding up the game results in fake spikes in metrics"?

You will get more data coming in but what is the metric that would spike?


For example, lets say you're ingesting data of a car driving in a game and want to monitor its fuel usage. Well, if you set the timestamp of the data to the time it comes into the dashboard, AND if you speed up the game from 1x to 15x, your fuel usage is going to rise but that's not actually an indication of the car having a higher fuel usage, its just a consequence of the way you are timestamping incoming data. This is why the data must be timestamped according to the game (which is often times years and years ago). This results in my use case -- real time data analysis with kibana for data that is incoming for historical dates.

I see. And what if you send the speed of the game as a new field. Then you can calculate the real consumption by dividing the consumption by the speed of the game.

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