Kibana cannot

I set elasticsearch and kibana at my AWS ec2 linux server.
I first started elasticsearch and it was successful. I can check the website with my server:9200.
After that I set kibana.yml to "server host:" / "elasticsearch url: my server:9200" / server port: 5601.
But when I try to start kibana, it didn't work. I added the error message below.
Unable to connect to Elasticsearch. Error: Request Timeout after 30000ms

And when I input bin/kibana, there are some warning messages like below.

log   [13:27:25.785] [warning][plugins-discovery] Expect plugin "id" in camelCase, but found: apm_oss
  log   [13:27:25.799] [warning][plugins-discovery] Expect plugin "id" in camelCase, but found: file_upload
  log   [13:27:25.802] [warning][plugins-discovery] Expect plugin "id" in camelCase, but found: triggers_actions_ui
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I have this same issue. It seems to be blocking my Kibana 7.7.1 from starting successfully on my AWS ec2 ubuntu 18.04 instance. I've been trying to resolve this for many hours now but to no avail. This is my first time working with Kibana--very frustrating. Any solutions here?

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