Kibana & Elastic search both showing running on 9200 & 5601 but UI not opening

AWS EC2 Linux 2 boxes
SG open on 9200 for ES & 5601 for Kibana & HTTP &HTTPS for both. Kibana has an elastic IP.
Curl @ 9200 works for ES.
Kibana listening on 5601 but UI of kibana not opening.
Have put the Private IP of ES in Kibana.yml

curl http://localhost:5601
Kibana server is not ready yet[

Dec 14 07:20:22 ip-10-139-149-196 kibana: {"type":"log","@timestamp":"2018-12-14T07:20:22Z","tags":["warning","elasticsearch","admin"],"pid":12501,"message":"Unable to revive connection:"}

Please help.

That means, that the Kibana instance is not able to connect to your Elasticsearch instance. That will usually be issues in your AWS setup, that prevents connection between your two VMs.

To verify if your AWS setup works, you should open a bash in your Kibana instance, and try to execute curl (or whatever you put in your kibana.yml. As long as that doesn't return some JSON stating the Elasticsearch status, your network isn't setup correctly. For network setup of AWS, the AWS forums might be a better place to get some help, since that's more specific for AWS, than for an Elastic stack.


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