Kibana - not able to view

I have my ELK set-up on 3 different Linux2 EC2's in AWS. I am unable to view the Kibana dashboard. Says Kibana is not ready yet.
I have opened up all traffic on all 3 EC2's for starters. And put in the Private IP of my Elasticsearch EC2 in kibana.yml. Kibana having an Elastic IP. Also, ELK are all of the same version.
Please, please help ? :slight_smile:

HI @tushar89,

Have you checked the elasticsearch data like index is created or not in elasticsearch ?

You can check the same on kibana also in Dev Tools tab with "GET _cat/indices" command.

Please confirm or if you are facing issue then please share the logs of elastisearch and kibana for further investigation.

Harsh Bajaj

Hi @harshbajaj16 ,

Where do I check Dev Tools tab? My Kibana UI itself is not up.
ES & Logstash say 'running' on CURL but Kibana says not ready yet.


Hi @tushar89,

Please share the messages log while strating kibana service.

Harsh Bajaj

Hi @harshbajaj16

Unable to revive connection: http://ip-10-139-149-210.ap-northeast-1.compute.internal:9200/

Kibana dashboard is saying site cant be reached.
I tried the Private IP for Elastic search, private DNS as well. Both Kibana and ES are in the same Subnet.

Cant view ES from the browser as well at 9200 with public IP.

Hi @tushar89,

Please check the 9200 port in firewall or check that you are able to telnet the port or not.

Harsh Bajaj

Hi @harshbajaj16 all traffic is open. I was able to Curl until recently.

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