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Hi All,
I am sure i have seen this somewhere here but having a long search i cannot seem to find it now, but i am looking to add a simple clock onto my canvas as i say i did find a topic here once but when i used the expression it was an hour out as im in the UK i needed it +1hr but it just would not work, i gave up but now trying to get it working again.

I have seen another topic saying its not possible but i did get the time in there it was just the wrong format.

Hope someone would be so kind to help me :slight_smile:

@richard_hobbs, do you think that was the post? Canvas Blog Stream

In case it was, the expression for the hour itself is:

date | formatdate "hh:mm:ss" | markdown "# " {context} font={font family="'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" size=18 align="center" color="#45bdb0" weight="bold" underline=false italic=false} | render containerStyle={containerStyle opacity="1"}

the full workpad source could be found here:

Thank you yes that was it but then the other issue was its 1hour behind my current time.
That's the thing i have been trying to get my head around and not 100% sure how to add 1 hour to it.

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