Kibana canvas is loading forever

my canvas in kibana is loading forever

the error information is "http://***/app/"

use curl "http://****:5601//app/", i got the follow response:

{"statusCode":404,"error":"Not Found","message":"Unknown app"}

my kibana version is 6.6.0

Hi @saiergon - we've been encountering issues with and in most of the cases, there's an environmental factor, such as a firewall or proxy. The issue you encounter may or may not be a duplicate. For this reason it'd be best to file a github issue with all the possible details. The way to do that would be to first perform a completely vanilla setup and then gradually apply the changes toward the target environment, to inform us what exactly the root cause is.

Please include all the other details on the github issue, such as software versions and environment details.

Related info: due to encountering issues both with WebSockets and its fallback mechanisms in that constrain users with certain setup, and the limited need for socket-based communication, we're working on moving away from it.

Hi, same error for me since i've upgraded to 6.6

it's ok with default space

Indeed, non-default spaces had an issue that got fixed for 6.6.1 and onward

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