Kibana: Commonly use - Yesterday is missing

It would be nice to have an entry "Yesterday" in the field "Commonly used" in the Kibana time window.
Why does such entry not already exists? I use Kibana 7.17.16.

Hi @CargoBikoMeter,

I see it's not an option in the latest version either (8.12.x):

I'm not sure if there's a particular reason that it's not included. I would recommend raising a feature request GitHub issue on Kibana to discuss and see if it's something others are interested in. Or potentially to contribute the change back.

Hope that helps!

Hi, I raised a feature request.

Hi @CargoBikoMeter

You can simply add it yourself.

Kibana - Stack Management - Advanced Settings - Time Picker and simply add what you like.

Those are the initial picks but certainly configurable

This it would be it I think

    "from": "now/d-2d/d",
    "to": "now/d-1d/d",
    "display": "Yesterday"