Kibana - controal {No options found}

when i create Controls in dashbord page i got No options found


kibana and elastic virsion 8.2

please help :frowning:

Welcome to our community! :smiley:

Can you please show us the settings for that visualisation.

thanks for your quick response
is this what you looking for ?

please need your support :frowning:

Hi @as_dh Welcome to the community and just to be clear, this is a volunteer forum, not support.

You need to show us what you set as the index pattern and the field for that control, not just those label options.

Show us how you set it up step by step.

Also, pretty common can be as if the time range doesn't have any data then you won't get any options. So do you have data within the time range in the time selector at the top right?

this is my index pattern

and i select serivces as field for control
i hope it's clear
i really appreciate your help

Have you gone to Discover and see if that field is actually populated for the time range you have selected?

Also the field you selected is service and you typed services

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