When create controls in kibana Visualize : message '00' index doesn't match any options!

i'got the message. visualize controls > Index Pattern > "____" (index name) doesn't match any options

is it a version problem?
need to update?

Hello @Changjae_Lee,

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What version of Elastic are you using?

Did you create a data view/index pattern pointing to your index?

Could you share a screenshot of this error message and explain when exactly you're seeing it?

hello @Priscilla_Parodi
i did create index pattern

current version : 7.10

Thanks for the additional context,

This should work, even though the visualization is experimental in the version you're using.

I thought maybe you were using "text" fields, but even so, you should at least be able to select the index pattern.

Can you select another index pattern for this visualization? If this is working for other index patterns, you can try deleting this one and create a new index pattern pointing to this index.

As a test, can you create a different type of visualization using this index pattern?

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