Kibana Coordinate Maps

(Chaitanya Pawa) #1

Is it by any way possible to add multiple layers of display in the coordinate maps.
I want to add a heat map for a particular type of document and shaded circles for the other type.

(Chris Roberson) #2

Hi @Chaitanya_Pawa,

Check this out: How to group the two visualizations of kibana (coordinate map and region map) in a single figure?

Does that help?


(Chaitanya Pawa) #3

Thank you @chrisronline
When will the new geo capability features showcased at the Elastic(on) be available for use ?

(Chris Roberson) #4

Unfortunately, that's not currently known. It's definitely being worked on so keep an eye out for release notes to see when it's available.

(system) #5

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