Kibana crashes - Error loading data

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with Kibana when I run a search with time range > 3hrs, is returning

Error loading data

Request to Elasticsearch failed: {"error":{}}

Error: Request to Elasticsearch failed: {"error":{}}
    at Function._module.service.Promise.try (
    at (<anonymous>)
    at (
    at callResponseHandlers (
    at processQueue (
    at Scope.$digest (

any idea about how can I troubleshoot it?


Do you have access to the Elasticsearch logs? Since this error messages doesn't help much.

In which part of Kibana do you get this error message?

thx & best,

Hi, yes I do have access to the ELS logs, and I'm getting this error on discover page, when I am running a normal search, also I have 3-coordinators, 3 data-nodes, 3cold-nodes.

What log should I check? Kibana is not reporting anything itself.

Thanks for the help!

You should check for errors in elasticsearch.log, depending on your type of installation and setup it can be named differently.

I fixed changing this parameter

elasticsearch.requestTimeout: 500000

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