Kibana custom plugin default timezone

Hi, is there a way to set a default timezone in a custom Kibana plugin?
The timezone in front end can be use by import 'ui/autoload/settings' in app.js.
Is there similar ways to set it up on server side of the plugin app?


Your code will have to get a handle to the uiSettings service. That can be done on the server-side using a factory method off request:

    path: `${MAIN_ENTRY}/timezone`,
    method: 'GET',
    handler: async (request) => {
      // get a setting:
      const timezone = await request.getUiSettingsService().get('dateFormat:tz');     

      // set a setting:
      const uiSettings = request.getUiSettingsService();
      await uiSettings.set('dateFormat:tz','UTC');

Hi Tim, thanks for your response! I probably didn't explain my question well. My question is about how to set a default timezone on server side. Is there a way to load the timezone setting from kibana.yml logging.timezone or uiSetting in the backend? Currently, the front-end timezone is sync with uiSetting but the backend timezone is still UTC. Is there an easy way to set the default-timezone without adding extra node modules?

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