Kibana custom plugin with saved object


I am a newbie and trying to develop kibana custom plugin. My requirements is to put a button in navbar. When user clicks on it a poup with a form opens and user enters data. I need to restrict the form fields based on configurations provided under management section ( I will have a tab for my plugin in management). Also I need to save the configuration into saved objects. Is this something possible? Any references or examples would be a great help.

Kibana version: 5.6

Thanks in Advance,
Krishna T.

You could certainly try and hack the code/develop plugin to do that . The Kibana plugin interfaces are in a state of constant development. We cannot provide backwards compatibility for plugins due to the high rate of change. Kibana enforces that the installed plugins match the version of Kibana itself. Plugin developers will have to release a new version of their plugin for each new Kibana release as a result.Here are some resources that are helpful for getting started with plugin development.

Kibana internal APIs change from version to version. This discuss post might be helpful to develop your plugin: Kibana Custom Plugin

here is an old guide too, might still be relevant,

hope this helps

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