Kibana dashboard additional request

I'll describe the situation

We have a dashboard with different logs, when filtering by "message_id" it searches everywhere except for "POP3 new" since the "message_id" field is missing in it.

At the moment we first filter by "message_id", => find "message_name" => add "message_name" to the filter and remove "message_id" from the filter. I would like to cut down on redundant steps.

When filtering by the "message_id" field, it would be desirable to create a condition that if "message_name" in the "inbound/local queue" is not empty, then take "message_name" from the "inbound/local queue" and find "message_name" in "POP3 new"
I think that requests can be used for such purposes, but perhaps this can be done somehow differently.

Tell me, is there such a functionality?

There is no way to do that from the dashboard currently.

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