Creating a dashboard that will show all messages/entries in Elastic that meet a certain requirement

Hi, I'm very new to Kibana and Elasticsearch and have been fiddling with this for a few hours trying to get it to work.

My use case is probably very simple but I can't seem to make it show both filters at once. What I want to do is basically this:

  1. Create a dashboard where I am searching for existence of a field/being assigned a value. For all entries in Elastic that do not have this field assigned a value, I'd like to display the full entry in a simple log/line format.

  2. I would like to create a visualization (Pie chart maybe?) where I show the total count and percentage of the field being utilized across all messages.

For example 100 messages total, and 95 are assigned the field, whereas 5 were not.

How can I do this? Whenever I tried making the visualization if I made a filter with the "exists" value, and tried adding a new one with the "does not exist value" it simply changed the first filter, not make a new one.

Would appreciate all help.


Hi and welcome to our community!

Let's start with displaying the entries that do not have this field assigned.

First you go to Discover and create a saved search.

Second you add this saved search to your dashboard.

Is this the result you expect to resolve part 1 of your request?


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