Kibana dashboard, different queries for charts

Hi folks,

maybe it's the wrong plattform for this question, but i think some of you
have kibana already in use.
I use the newest version (kibana three, milestone pre-3) to visualize my
logs from my cluster(syslogs, storm-, elasticsearch-, mongodb -logs: all in
one index).
Now i want to display some graphs with different approches for each type of
logs. For example:

Syslogs need a multiple query like field.priority:INFO and
field.priority:ERROR for an histogramm.
Storm logs an another query, like fieldMetricName:test1 and

I want to get this histogramms with different queries in one dashboard, to
"monitor" all my servers. But until now i need two different dashboards for
both, because the main
query have impact on all charts in one dashboard. Is it an configuration
problem(my fail) or is it an missing functionality?


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