Kibana dashboard every day its getting reduce to display number of counts and log information from elastic search

In build server i can see the logs are getting logged. but on the kibana dashboard the visualization of logs and request counts are not showing, every day the counts getting reduced.
Every day we get request more then 10K, but after few days its showing less ans less.....

reduced like: first day the count was 2000 request logged, 2nd day 500 request count, 3rd day 200 request count and today 29 request count.

please find the attached image.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Have you checked to make sure the logs are making it to Elasticsearch?

Yes, Its logging logs for elastic search inside build server.

If do any changes in KIBANA advance settings, its revert back the changes with 403 error.

Config: Request failed with status code: 403
Error: Request failed with status code: 403
at Anonymous function
at tryCatch (
at Anonymous function
at flush (

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