Few logs present in elasticsearch but not visible in Kibana

I am using Elastic 7.11. I am logging each request to my website in Elasticsearch through Logstash and using Kibana to view the request data.

Somehow, I am not able to see (in Kibana) each request sent to Elasticsearch. So I went in Kibana Dev Tools and did a manual query. I found that each log which is not visible in Kibana is present in Elasticsearch.

I checked the difference between the request log visible in Kibana and the request log not visible in kibana but present in easticsearch but I could not find any difference.

Any idea if there is any settings in Kibana or what else is going wrong due to which Kibana is not showing some logs which are actually present in Elasticsearch?

I confirmed that there is no filter in Kibana.

This is my logstash conf.

input { tcp { port => 5044 codec => "json" } }

filter {
      json {
        source => "message"

output { elasticsearch { hosts => ["localhost"] index => "%{domain}-%{+YYYY.MM}"} }

I am sure there is nothing wrong in this logstash conf since the document which we are looking into kibana are actually saved in the respective indices. Just that they are not visible in Kibana.

Can you share more information on where you aren't seeing this data in Kibana.
Is it in Discover? A dashboard?

I am not able to see the data into Discover. I checked with * index pattern still the data is not visible.

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