Missing data in kibana visaulization

Hi ,

The logs are present in log file which is read from logstash however they are not received in kibana.
There is no filter at all.
No change in logstash was done. Just for a specific time period, there is no log for specific task in kibana , however, it is present after that time interval.

Hi, let's clarify that Kibana's role in the stack is not to receive log data from Logstash.

A Logstash instance will have an output defined, which is often Elasticsearch, or an ingestion pipeline that eventually leads to Elasticsearch.

Kibana's job is to read what is stored in Elasticsearch and visualize it.

If you have an ingestion pipeline, and something went down in the middle, it doesn't take a Logstash configuration change for logging to stop reaching Elasticsearch.

I'd check my Logstash logs and see if they are saying anything about the data not getting to its output correctly.

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