Kibana's Logstash Dashboard missing data

(Stephen Grow) #1

I've downloaded the latest kibana / elasticsearch / logstash stack. I have
everything working just fine. I can view all logs being sent by rsyslog
from one server to my log stash server.

When i bring up Elasticsearch and choose the BASIC dashboard I see ALL of
my logs coming in. I can search for any keyword and find what I'm looking
for. However when I use the LogStash dashboard (selectable off of the
main intro site) I only see a small portion.

I tried adjusting the top TIME FILTER in the dashboard setting but that
doesn't seem to do anything...

Am I doing something wrong? I'm new to the ELK world so your detailed
guidance is much appreciated.

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I have the same problem,did you sovled this ,data missing makes a so depressed
thank you a lot

(system) #3