Kibana dashboard - fails to show index pattern available

I am using EFK stack . My data is pushed by fluentd to ES and i could verify the
index being created @ ES by url http://ES:9200/_cat/indices.
My queries are
(i) Do we need to initialize or create index pattern @ kibana dashboard during first time.,
Although the index being available @ES? How we can automate by preventing the user to create index pattern @ kibana UI ?

Inorder to automate
(ii) I set the default index by command line (CURL) and also on the configuration file
Kibana.yaml ( index name, discover) , but still when i access Kibana UI, it prompts for creating the index pattern.

After i "create" all the index patterns through kibana UI ( each index pattern created once through the "mangement" tab), i can able to repeat the step II and then i able to view kibana dashboard without prompting for index pattern and isolating the other indexes.

Kindly suggest for automation of viewing the index through kibana UI.


Kibana does not auto discover the indices from your Elasticsearch cluster. Index patterns must be configured in Kibana to be usable. for more details

Thanks for your mail.
Is there anyway b which i can add the index by command line, similar to the way of adding through kibana UI (index-pattern, create)?
I tried by command line, although it create index @ES, but unable to view @kibana UI. Also i would like to know is there any difference in parameter passed by kibana which i fails by sending by command line?
I pass the parameters (command line) for creating index as (title, timefiledname) but kibana requires
(indexPattern, { timeFieldName, intervalName, notExpandable) ?

Kindly suggest.

thanks n regards,

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