Kibana Dashboard, Get the last 10 elements of a specific index ignoring the specified time-range

Hi Guys,

I've created my own Kibana dashboard. In this dashobard I've added 3 "saved search" created by me.
Everything works fine. What I need to do now is to modify one of these "saved search" to be indipendet by the time range specified in the top-right corner. The output of the "saved search" should be the last N documents stored in the specified index (ignoring the time-range configured).

Is that possible?

Using the REST API I can write something like that:

GET /myindex-*/_search
   "size" : 3,
    "query": {
        "bool" : {
            "must" : {
                "match_all": {}
              "filter": {
                  "range": {
                        "@timestamp": { "gt": "now-1y" }

I would like to create a search request to be added in my dashboard that reproduce the same query (better without specifying the range filter but to query the whole index to find the last 3 elements)

Hi @faustf,

Hmm, I can think of only about dedicated index-pattern that doesn't use timestamp (same index, no space impact), see option 2 here for details How to dissociate a visualization from timepicker


Thanks, I tried and it works but how can I show only the last N documents?

Hmm, I was pretty sure that you could set the size property for saved search, but as per it's not supported right now. Unfortunately I can't think of any good workaround for that.

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