Kibana Dashboard Interaction on Community version


Is there a limitation in the community version on the interaction behavior. Currently I have placed 4 panels in a dashboard all relate data and when I click on a value on a panel it is supposed to apply filter and only shows those matching values across panels, but apparently the filter isn't working for all panels. Is that a know issue?


There's no such thing as a community version of the Elastic Stack, you might mean the free and open Basic license level?

You'd need to share more information on this. Screenshots showing the behaviour would be helpful.

You r correct. I was referring to Basic Version. Due to sensitivity i cannot past the dashboard here. But I can explain in details here.

(1) we have created 4 visualization and saved them to the library
(2) dragged all these from library into a dashboard and it default enabled interactions among the panels.

The issue is that the filter when clicked is not happening correctly (i.e.) it isn't filtering the values across all panels. Say I have a pie chart with 2 regions and when I click one region in the dashboard all the panels should only show result filtered for that region. As such how and where can we control and debug this behavior, why isn't it filtering for only user select values across panels?

Many Thanks

Hi @Msacs, it sounds like you are hitting unexpected behavior, which we would consider a bug. Would you mind putting these details into our bug tracker at Remember to include your version of Elastic and any errors that might be found in the browser console.

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