Kibana Dashboard Refresh takes too long

I deploy an ELK platform using kubernetes.
For a quick test, I just create a simple dashboard including one map and two bars, based on a small index including less than 4000 docs.

However, it will take around 20 seconds each time I refresh the dashboard. I won't expect a real-time refresh dashboard, but 20 seconds is too long.

Accordingly, I tuned the kibana deployment yml to allow more CPU/Memory resources, but still did not see any improvement.

            cpu: "8000m"
            memory: "8Gi"
            cpu: "8000m"
            memory: "8Gi"

Is there any way to optimise the kibana performance?

Hi @Scorpion21

What stack version did you deploy?
What kind of visualisations did you place on dashboard? Can you try to run some query in Dev Tools and see how fast you get response?

Regards, Dima

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