Kibana dashboard shows "Embeddable factory [embeddableFactoryId = undefined] does not exist."


My Kibana versioin is 7.5.0, I'm did following steps:

  1. Created an Kibana dashboard firstly, and I can make sure Kibana dashboard was working well.
  2. Use Kibana's export REST API to export JSON of this dashboard.
  3. Delete existing dashboard, index pattern and all other saved objects.
  4. Use import API and the JSON file from step 2 to import the dashboard back.

But when I check the imported dashboard, there is no data showing but only error message Embeddable factory [embeddableFactoryId = undefined] does not exist. Any idea of it?

Here is the screenshot of imported dashboard:

Thank you for sharing this. What does the Kibana log say ? That will reveal more information.


Hi, I checked the log, but there too many noise in log and no errors at all. Is there any particular logs I should looking for?

And regarding the embeddableFactoryId = undefined error, is that means the panel on dashboard cannot fetch data from index pattern? Or the panel itself is broken?

@timroes can shed more light on this exception when he gets a chance to respond.

Hi, thanks for the help. I figured out the issue and it is not Kibana's problem. Some logic in my program modified the JSON file.

Glad you could figure out the root cause and thank u for keeping us posted.


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