Using dashboards/import API on kibana 7 causes the Dashboards to show up with "No embeddable factory found for panel type" error

We use the dashboards/import API to import the kibana objects : dashboards, Visualizations , searches and indexes into Kibana index.
This was working fine until version 6.4.3. We are trying to upgrade the stack to version 7.0.
In 7.0, the objects get imported and created in the kibana index, however, when we try to view them on the UI, I see the error "No embeddable factory found for panel type" on the dashboards.

If I'm not mistaken, the saved objects changed between 6.x and 7.0, so if you are exporting from 6.4.3 and trying to import to 7.0, that's probably what's causing the issue.

The error you're seeing should specify which "panel type" is defined, but that part of the message is missing, which leads me to believe the documents aren't in the right shape.

The "correct" path to 7.0 is through the latest version of Kibana (currently 6.8.0). If you upgrade from 6.4.3 to 6.8.0, there's a migration tool you can use to upgrade to 7.x (or at least 7.0) that will update those objects automatically. What steps are you taking currently to try to upgrade?

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