"add panel" in dashboard edit view never loads

kibana version 7.9.1. recently migrated from 6.8.x.

steps taken to recreate: kibana home -> dashboards -> open up existing dashboard -> click "Add" -> "Add panels" pane never populates with any saved visualizations. "Types:" field shows 2 types are selected by default but both of the 2 types are grayed out and can't be modified.

notes: am able to list visualizations in saved objects under stack management after changing the saved objects type. additionally, default search in saved objects barfs up an "unable to load saved objects" toast. am able to list out each type of saved objects successfully e.g. "type:(search)" but "type:(search or )" will barf up the same toast and only show the saved objects that match the first term of the type search.

attempted to use the fix found in Kibana cannot list saved_objects. Fielddata is disabled on text fields by default but since this is on 7.9, the bug found in 7.4 should have been resolved.

browser console shows this: Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data ... read this post (Kibana: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data - #4 by ade.syseng) but again, already on 7.9 so the fix there is not applicable.

logging is not active b/c <vendor's configuration> ... not yet anyway :wink:

Hi, it's not clear if this is due to a mapping issue that popped up during the migration, or if there is something else going on.

Does this error show up when you try the default search in the saved objects app under stack management? Are there specific things that cause this error?

This error just tells us that a network request had a response that couldn't be parsed into data that Kibana can show. Would you be able to view the network tab of the browser console and find the request that is failing, and show us the response?

Are you seeing any errors with stack traces that you could share with a screenshot?


The other way to get this error message to appear is to change the value in the "search..." box in the Saved Objects page from type:value to type:value1 OR value2

the request:

the response:
{"statusCode":400,"error":"Bad Request","message":"Unknown sort field type"}

no but i attribute this to the current logging verbosity configuration. vendor is providing guidance for ++ing the verbosity.

i'm just guessing ++ the logging verbosity means adding to the kibana.yml file per this guide ...

maybe this is helpful ... #notSure

Verbose logging should output Kibana server logs to the terminal not to the browser console. If you have access to these logs (I hope you do!), could you output the error message please?

so i'd see these log entries by using journalctl -u kibana -f ??

If you are sending kibana server logs to JournalBeat, then they might be there. Do you have access to the server where kibana is running? It's those server logs we're after.

i do have access to the server running the kibana service. the logging configuration is a bit opaque. i added the "log level = all" logic to the kibana.yml file yesterday. not seeing anything barfing to the console though...

(where console == terminal console)


I'm interpreting the original issue as "I can't add a panel to an existing dashboard". If that is what you are trying to do when the error happens, I assume you already have a dashboard that you'd like to add a new panel to (eg add another visualization).
Am I correct?

that is correct. the "add a panel" baby window never loads with the saved visualizations.

behold, the inifinity spinners ...

the "add a panel" baby window never loads with the saved visualizations.
Ah, ok. That might then be an issue with the dashboard app itself then OR you don't have write permissions for that dashboard.
Are you able to copy the dashboard? If so, could you try adding a new panel in the copy?

yes, able to copy the dashboard. same behavior when trying to "Add a panel" to the copy. Additionally, I'm able to add content to a dashboard by clicking the "+ Create New" button in the "Add panels" pane so permissions are not an issue.

here i've added a new visualization (called bob goblin) to Error dashboard22 ...

Infinity spinners are never fun :frowning_face: but I'm glad you can at least create new visualizations!

Could you try to export the visualizations you are trying to add to the dashboard from the saved objects management page and reimport them using the option to create new objects?

If you still can't add a saved visualization that you've now imported, then it's likely to be UI bug that hasn't been reported yet (a rare edge case). You could try to upgrade to 7.9.2 or 7.9.3 and see if that fixes it. Before doing the upgrade though, I strongly suggest taking a snapshot of your deployment so that you can roll back if something goes very wrong.